Student Work – Helen Maria Bäckström

Designed by Helen Maria Bäckström | Country: Sweden

“The breif was to make a package with a second life.

Noo-Del is a playful and simpel packaging that will stand out on the shelves. The decor of a geisha refers to Asia and asian-food and the decor gets extra playful with the eating-sticks which gives the illusion of being the geishas hairpins. The effect is even more fun when you eat from the package!

The package is useful in several ways: it is easy to carry with, when adding water you can heat up the noodles in a microwave and eat direct from the the package which has a shape of a take-away-package when opening it

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  • Pan
    February 27, 2011

    Really cute and kitschy, though the image of eating noodle’s from a geisha’s head might disturb some people (noodles = brains anyone? mmmmm, brainss).

    I can imagine how much of a nightmare it would be transport these, with the chopsticks sliding around the little strip of paper that’s holding them to the main packaging. Even if the chopsticks were glued on (which would be inconvenient). Stacking is a semi-issue, given the fact that the chopsticks will take up more space than it has to on supermarket shelves/wherever you plan to sell it.

    Again, making the assumption that it’s only a little strip of paper or similar material holding the chopsticks to the container they might not even make the trip when they get transported around: imagine all the jostling around, chopsticks bumping against each other at the back of a delivery van (chances are it’ll get ripped unless the material’s a little sturdier. Even if though, it’ll be all crinkled and floppy by the time the cartons get to their destination from all the movement).

    Long story short: ditch the chopsticks, it will create all sorts of logistical problems.

  • Joseph Wu
    February 27, 2011

    A clever idea, and very cute. However, you should never show chopsticks sticking up out of the food like in the second and fourth shots. In Japan, that hearkens to funerary rites and is considered very bad manners.

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