Designed by Adam Gerstner | Country: United States

“Lovestruck? Straining for that last drop of inspiration? Step right up! Dr. McGurgle’s “elixir” ales cure all. New to the market, Dr. McGurgle’s distinguishes their brand with a love of history, mysticism, lawlessness and deadpan humor. This 6-pack apothecary is an exclusive promotion giving customers a taste of the doctor’s medicine.”

“REI’s mission is to inspire, educate and outfit a life time of outdoor adventure. With a new Mt. Wenatchee brand extension, REI aims at inspiring families to connect with nature and each other around a campfire. Inspired by storytelling, the packages use a mix of bold graphics and memorable copywriting to help both child and parent understand the product and relate to each other.

The primary typeface I used is called Buffalo Rock. It is a custom typeface based on my childhood in Boy Scouts, the folklore of a campfire and the great stories of the past.”

“The buying of chocolate is an extremely personal experience. Over generations the Schaked family has brought their skill with chocolate from Argentina to neighborhoods nationwide in America. Buying Schakolad means wrapping the freshness and attention of your local corner chocolatier inside a personalized snapshot of the American Dream.”

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Adam Spizak
Great Artworks by Adam Spizak, a Designer from London.

© Jonas Kamber, LooksLikeGoodDesign

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