Designed by Wieden+Kennedy & ILoveDust | Country: United States/United Kingdom

“This limited edition Ipad is laser etched with illustrations from ilovedust and feature different parts of the ongoing story that can be found on the iPad. Everything is packaged up rataher nicely in a metal brief case with the Jumpman branding.”

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We have covered many power saving plugs in the past, but for once I think we have quite an amicable solution with the Sticord. The plug itself houses the on-off switch, and when pushed on, the internal pins connect to complete the circuitry and start the power flow. The main-plug also helps identify which device it belongs to. This aspect may come in handy at offices, where many gadgets/devices coexist.

Those dependent on remote controls will have to move their butts and “SWITCH OFF” the mains! So it really is the question of being aware and doing the right things!

Designer: Dongyeon Kim

Sticord Power Saving Plug Design by Dongyeon Kim






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