Designed by Safari Sundays | Country: United States

“Safari Sundays was challenged to design a range of bottles that celebrates the trademark Carlsberg hop leaf as well as the beer’s Danish heritage. Safari Sundays looked to Nordic landscapes and industrial design as their inspiration and translated these scenes onto the classic green Carlsberg bottles. The end result is a sleek and modern styling that plays with both transparent versus opaque spaces as well as matte versus high gloss contrasts.”


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Designed by Cue | Country: United States

“We recently designed the Thymes Studio Collection, a new line of bath and body products that appeal to a broad audience of fragrance enthusiasts.

Meant to inspire discovery, the Studio collection offers a fresh, contemporary presence while also supporting Thymes’ credentials as artisans of fine fragrance. The Studio Collection features six fragrances inspired by botanicals and rooted in nature. The new look and feel influenced packaging materials, product details, retail display and more.”

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Designed by Duffy & Partners | Country: United States

“The Facundo Rum Collection is the first-ever collection of four aged sipping rums from Bacardi, each with its unique personality and craftsmanship. The Facundo Rum Collection is a tribute to Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso and his relentless pursuit of producing rums of unsurpassed quality and refinement. Now, with The Facundo Rum Collection, connoisseurs everywhere can share in this revered tradition as rum is elevated to an art form.

Duffy & Partners, the internationally recognized branding and design firm, designed decanter-like bottles, inspired by Cuba’s Golden age of art deco. Each is custom designed as a celebration of each unique experience for the rum drinker.”

NEO packaging is designed in the style of the relief sculpture of famous artists such as Juan José Sicre and glass art. The sensual figures take their cues from the famed Art Deco-style El Edificio Bacardi in Havana – where the nude motifs emerge from bold geometric shapes.”

Eximo packaging is homage to the icons of Cuba’s heyday and inspired by the Habana Bar, a favorite gathering place to savor rum and a Cuban cigar. The sunrays on the Eximo bottle harken back to Bacardi’s golden age in Cuba, reminiscent of the warmth of the Caribbean and the warmth of family.”

Exquisito packaging is inspired by the pulsating energy of the rhumba and of Cuba’s extravagantly sophisticated Havana Riviera, when Cuba was a tropical playground. This bottle embodies the culture, music, architecture and elegance of Havana’s heyday.”

Paraíso packaging evokes paradise in the beauty of an island sunset. The history of Bacardi encircles the bottle with icons including Bacardi’s original distillery, a bat and a palm tree. The design unites images of the original Bacardi distillery in Santiago de Cuba, El Coco, and the Edificio Bacardi in Havana.

The bottle design is a work of art unto itself.  For example – the glass used is the highest quality available, known as superflint glass. This high quality glass is a necessary medium to house the artwork on the exterior of the bottles.  All aspects of each bottle are meant to reflect back on the brand’s heritage, the golden era in Havana and the long tradition of rum-making.

Duffy incorporated Facundo Bacardi’s legacy of passion and branding elements across all four bottles:

  • The bat, a symbol of good health, fortune and family, the bat is an initial trademark of the Bacardi family, rendered in a seal, which was inspired from early illustrations.
  • Palm tree, a symbol of prosperity from La Tropical, the original Bacardi distillery in Santiago de Cuba.
  • The signature of founder, Facundo Bacardi, a sign of quality and tradition.
  • Metal stoppers embossed with laurel branches signifying the achievement and victory of the people behind the spirits, as well as those wise enough to imbibe in them.”

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Designed by OlssønBarbieri | Country: Norway

“Arcus Wine Brands approached Olssøn Barbieri with the repositioning of one of their most important product series, Collection Frithjof Nicolaysen.

The brand was first launched in 2002 and is recognized by Norwegian consumers and wine critics as one of the most reputable product series in Norway offering a pure grape variety experience to entry level consumers. Frithjof  Nicolaysen is president of the European Federation of Wine and Spirits Importers.

After a recent design change in 2011 however, sales were dropping drastically, consumers no longer recognized the brand and almost no new consumers were recruited.

The unique quality of the CFN range is to express the typical aroma of each variety. Every grape has its unique look (color and shape of grapes and leaves), typical aromas and the terroir that express it at its best.”

“We choose to preserve the illustrations of the previous design from 2006 to give the possibility to the consumer to recognize the products but accompanied them with the coat of arms of the district where the wine is cultivated, inserted in a heraldic mark used for the whole collection. Supplementary design and typographical elements where introduced to restore an image of quality and authenticity.”

“A modern and clean color map in harmony with the illustrations was adopted to strengthen a clear and exciting differentiation between the wines.

We are proud that sales are recovering, the range is extended with a new Côtes du Rhône BIB and to see the brand back on the shelves.”

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Designed by Pearlfisher | Country: United Kingdom

“Pearlfisher has created the packaging design and fragrance stories for Crabtree & Evelyn’s new 2012 Christmas Gift collection.

The Christmas Gift Collection comprises of both a Home Fragrance range in two scents: Noel®  and Winter Garden™ (including candle, diffuser and room spray) and a Personal Care range (including shimmering body mist and shimmer lip gloss).

The designs move away from the traditional to offer a new and original take on festive fragrance, telling stories through illustration that bring each fragrance to life – “weaving around fresh balsams and rich persimmons, the arctic fox and nimble deer breathes life into sleeping citrus trees awakening a heady burst of sharp scent”.

Sarah Butler, Deputy Creative Director at Pearlfisher said, “We devised a story for each fragrance and used bespoke illustrations, rich, contrasting colours and nature motifs to bring it to life and take the consumer into a magical and festive world, moving from the traditional and coded to a more contemporary, imaginative and inspirational expression of Christmas.”

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