Designed by Epoch Design | Country: United Kingdom

“In 2012, a local 19-year-old entrepreneur approached us in need of a brand, visual identity and packaging for his startup, a Prince’s Trust-funded dog food and pet accessories company. Epoch developed the brand name and created a bright, fun identity with heaps of tail-wagging personality. The new packaging designs sure stand out from the litter – no more rrruff dinnertime for me! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) This brought a fun new brand to the pet food aisle, sure to secure our client a truly loyal consumer fan base for the affluent urban demographic he wanted his products to appeal to.”

Lovely Package

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Brand New Conference

Next Friday, June 28, 2013 is the last day to purchase early-bird tickets for the 2013 Brand New Conference. So if you need to get your boss’ permission or the green-light from your accounts payable department or any other thing you might need to get lined up, now is a good time to start working on it.

Professional prices will increase $ 100 and student $ 50 on Saturday, June 19.

(No Friday Likes today, sorry. Busy day and week prepping for today’s FPO Awards judging.)

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Brand New

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