Hill Holiday Logo, Before and After

Established in 1968 in Boston, Hill Holliday — a member of the Interpublic Group conglomerate — is an advertising agency with over 850 employees across three offices in Boston, New York, and Greenville. Their clients include Dunkin’ Donuts, CIGNA, Major League Baseball, Toys R Us, and more. Recently, they introduced a new identity for themselves designed in-house.

Hill Holiday

Logo animations.

While the structure of the logo remains the same, the coating of the new one is far more laborious and glossy. This execution is far from my favorite but for some reason it feels appropriate for a high-profile ad agency that appears to be having fun with what they do. The 3D rendering, and black-and-white contrast helps the “HH” monogram read better than before although in application it changes to a single white color version that doesn’t manage to translate quite well. I would have left the previous typography alone as the slightly expanded font and looser tracking worked better. The animations, above, work quite nicely; the one with the buildings is my favorite.

Hill Holiday

The rest of the identity is something we’ve seen before but that somehow always ends up being a crowd pleaser: big, bold, black-and-white Helvetica-set witticisms on everyday objects and/or emblazoned on walls. Far from original but great to get employees excited and proud about where they work. Overall, it’s fine but it would have been better to get a new take on both of these tropes — the glossy logo and the clever-copy-in-stark-typography — especially coming from a creative agency.

A few more applications can be found here.

Hill Holiday

Hill Holiday

Hill Holiday

Hill Holiday

Hill Holiday

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Designed by Studio Egregius | Country: Vietnam

“The Hill Station is a business marriage of fine dining restaurant and deli/boutique, located in Sapa, Vietnam’s highest region. The client wanted a brand which both reminisces the essence of French Indochine days while standing independently as a contemporary identity. The Hill Station products range from fresh produce harvested straight from local farms, limited packaged delicacies such as wild honey, rice wine… to gourmet charcuteries or handmade silverware. At the same time, The Hill Station signature restaurant is a renovated French outpost, with a view from the clouds.

The design is inspired from Indochine’s visual cultures, from photographs, drawings, literary & cinema, architecture… and executed in a uniformed minimalist style. A fusion of the past and the current.”

Lovely Package

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Designed by Parallax Design | Country: Australia

“Jim Barry purchased the Lodge Hill vineyard in 1977, as he was sure it would “produce some of the best Riesling in Clare.” Situated on the eastern ranges of the township of Clare, it is one of the highest vineyards in the Valley at an altitude of 480 metres, and is ideal for producing steely, minerally Rieslings, distinctive to the area”

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Dave Hill
Impressive pictures by Dave Hill, a Photographer from Los Angeles.

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