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As the image above implies, we are actively looking for partners for three of the bigger projects this year at UnderConsideration: 1 & 2) An offset printer who would be interested in producing, in full or in part, either one or both of the FPO Awards and Brand New Awards books — 256 pages each approximately, 4/4. And 3) Companies with a product or service that would like to sponsor the 2012 Brand New Conference this September in New York — Presenting, Event, and After-Party sponsorships available starting at $ 3,000. Contact me to inquire about the perks, benefits, and other good things we offer in return for your support.

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Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners

Brand New

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Designed by Turnstyle | Country: United States

“We recently designed gift wrap—complete with box and gift tags—for Hemlock Printers as a holiday promotion. Each sheet of wrapping paper is double-sided and there are eight unique designs in all. Hemlock was kind enough to customize a set for us to give away to our friends as well.

What better way to celebrate packages of all shapes and sizes, than with happy wrap to shroud them in joyous anticipation of holiday gift giving.”

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