Designed by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. | Country: Canada

“Long Table Distillery is a producer of handcrafted, premium, small-batch spirits based in Vancouver, BC. Its West Coast heritage, expert knowledge, and dedication to organic, high-quality ingredients were the foundation for the design by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. A design identity that reflected the distillery’s commitment to craft and focus on small-batch quality was developed for its selection of unique gins, vodkas, and specialty spirits.

The design system needed to accommodate colour coding for flavours of their permanent line, as well as a system to allow for small artisan batches that are sold principally on site. To reflect the artisanal quality of the brand, key elements included a hand-stamped batch number, handwritten varietal, perforated edges, and dotted rules that act as a device to divide information on the label.”

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Designed by STIGA Sports | Country: Sweden

“The focus and idea was to appeal a younger target group to table tennis, since it has been a conservative sport in its look and appearance for years. So we started by changing the colors on the rubber of the table tennis bat to more brighter and colored rubbers. And then the table tennis bat itself became a part of the selling package by strict white and transparency. So the consumer directly can see that the table tennis sport have become more modern.”

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Designed by Richard Marazzi Design | Country: Canada

“The packaging for Table Wine was created for Malivoire Winery, who were introducing a casual yet great tasting wine to a youthful crowd. In the initial ideation, the idea of multiple tables was developed with the line, “a wine for any table” in mind. Richard Marazzi Design commissioned Martin Bregman Illustration to design the tables.”

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Multi Touch Light Table by Gerg
Multi Touch Light Table by Gerg

Are we perhaps witnessing the future of DJing through the eyes of another young designer? Evaluating logistics, experience and gestural interaction was part of the laborious process of Gregory Kaufman (Gerg) in his creation of the digital turntable. Interface, functionality and experience are superbly done and we look forward to hearing great news from this young designer.

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Designed by Rethink Communications | Country: Canada

“We created this self-promo campaign of “Table Wines” to showcase Rethink’s package design capabilities. The back of each label includes copy crafted to its particular variety of table, giving potential clients a taste of our personality, philosophy and sense of humour.

Copy on this version reads: At Rethink, we believe great package design is like a ping-pong table: it should inspire intense competition and heated dialogue. Not to mention the occasional fist pump and victory dance.

We think this theory is ready to make the leap from this jug to your product. To see what our package designers can create for you, give us a call. We’d love to sit down with you at our table.”

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Great Ping-Pong Table Concept by Aruliden, a Studio from New York.

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Yes, it’s true, simplicity works. This simple shirt has a simple statement in a simple font (Helvetica). Now in black or white.

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This is induction cooking at its finest. Designed to be functional and as a wonderful table top to serve from, the CookIn Table encourages family time by engaging everyone to join in ala hot pot style. The cooktop only heats up when a metallic surface touches it. Beneath the glass top are retractable shelves for additional service stations and beneath that is storage for utensils. Beautiful and accompanied by an extremely detailed exploded view. We like that.

Designer: Young-Chan Choo

CookIn Table - Induction Cooking Table by Young-Chan Choo








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