Red Brick Brewery


Designed by Not Perfect | Y&R Vilnius | Country: Lithuania | Pair with: Marwood

“Task: To create visual identity for experimental Red Brick Beer Workshop, which has been set up in the 230 year-old red brick brewery on the Baltic Sea shore. A place where experiment and play with unconventional raw materials gives birth to small batches of unexpected and amusing sorts and flavours of beer.

Solution: Compelling and natural, over-simplistic design embraces the sea, declining all the décor-enriched beer designs, trying to merge the playful nature of craft beer with the sense of technological simplification, giving the feeling of hand-crafted quality.

Results: Employing vector graphics, we created modern minimalistic package design, conceptual seaside visual identity and a logo of a cart bearing three bricks, which stand for three distinct Red Brick Beer Workshop types of beer. Now every brick dreams of becoming a red brick…”

lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-3 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-2 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-4 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-5 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-6 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-7 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-8 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-12 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-13 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-10 lovely-package-red-brick-brewing-9



Lovely Package

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REN Skincare


Designed by Hart D’Lacey | Country: United Kingdom | Pair with: Baxter of California

“Hart D’Lacey have designed REN Skincare’s 2014 Christmas Gift Packaging using vibrant illustrations of cranes, a symbol of longevity and good fortune throughout Asia.

Hart D’Lacey realised the symbolism of the Crane would provide a strong concept for this range of skincare Christmas gifts, representing happiness and good luck in the coming year for the gift recipient.

The imagery utilises REN’s established bold colour palette to give the gift boxes an increased prominence in a retail environment.

REN skincare are best known for their natural, innovative skincare products. Hart D’Lacey’s ongoing involvement with REN has helped build and elevate the brand through consistently and effectively connecting with their loyal worldwide customer base.”

lovely-package-ren-skincare-2 lovely-package-ren-skincare-3 lovely-package-ren-skincare-4 lovely-package-ren-skincare-5

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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