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Red Brick Brewery


Designed by Not Perfect | Y&R Vilnius | Country: Lithuania | Pair with: Marwood

“Task: To create visual identity for experimental Red Brick Beer Workshop, which has been set up in the 230 year-old red brick brewery on the Baltic Sea shore. A place where experiment and play with unconventional raw materials gives birth to small batches of unexpected and amusing sorts and flavours of beer.

Solution: Compelling and natural, over-simplistic design embraces the sea, declining all the décor-enriched beer designs, trying to merge the playful nature of craft beer with the sense of technological simplification, giving the feeling of hand-crafted quality.

Results: Employing vector graphics, we created modern minimalistic package design, conceptual seaside visual identity and a logo of a cart bearing three bricks, which stand for three distinct Red Brick Beer Workshop types of beer. Now every brick dreams of becoming a red brick…”

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Lovely Package

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REN Skincare


Designed by Hart D’Lacey | Country: United Kingdom | Pair with: Baxter of California

“Hart D’Lacey have designed REN Skincare’s 2014 Christmas Gift Packaging using vibrant illustrations of cranes, a symbol of longevity and good fortune throughout Asia.

Hart D’Lacey realised the symbolism of the Crane would provide a strong concept for this range of skincare Christmas gifts, representing happiness and good luck in the coming year for the gift recipient.

The imagery utilises REN’s established bold colour palette to give the gift boxes an increased prominence in a retail environment.

REN skincare are best known for their natural, innovative skincare products. Hart D’Lacey’s ongoing involvement with REN has helped build and elevate the brand through consistently and effectively connecting with their loyal worldwide customer base.”

lovely-package-ren-skincare-2 lovely-package-ren-skincare-3 lovely-package-ren-skincare-4 lovely-package-ren-skincare-5

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Nya Carnegiebryggeriet


Designed by Pond STHLM | Country: Sweden | Pair with: Alexander Wang

“With the challenging task of creating a modern classic, Carlsberg, in collaboration with Pond STHLM has developed a new visual identity, logo and packaging design for the newly opened Nya Carnegiebryggeriet in Hammarby Sjöstad.

“For us it was important to find a balance between the old and the new in both the visual identity and packaging design. Thanks to a flexible and open approach we have landed in an identity, logo and packaging design we are extremely happy and proud of”, says Sebastian Tarkowski, marketing manager at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet.”

“Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is a joint venture of Carlsberg Sverige, Brooklyn Brewery and a group of private investors. The brewery, with its restaurant,  is located in KF’s old historical functionalist factory – Luma – has been designed to be a natural hub for those who want to experience modern beer culture with all senses.

“The assignment was to find a timeless expression that is linked to both the old brewery heritage of Carnegie Porter and the modern brewery. But the brewery’s location in the Luma factory, surrounded by one of Stockholm’s youngest neighborhoods, has played a major role in the design process. It has been both inspiring and challenging to have so much history to draw from, and we’ve invested a lot of time in the details, and the big picture feels strong, characterful and well anchored”, says Clas Celsing designer at Pond STHLM.”

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Designed by Solo | Country: Spain

“As part of the redesign of wine cellar Sabau’s corporate identity, Solo has designed the label of the company’s premium wine, Cinquantanys. Inspired by the family history, when the life of the grandfather, father, and son, becomes cyclical, in the same way that the label covers the whole bottle and starts again. A history that lasts for fitfty years (Cinquantanys). Completed with a beautiful crafted illustration (by Danilo Agutoli) of the grandfather, Sabau Cinquantanys is a personal and bold label.”

Lovely Package

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Choc Chic


Designed by Polygraphe | Country: Canada | Pair with: Marc Jacob

“Chic Choc is a new spiced rum produced by Domaine Pinnacle.

The identity is based on the legend of an adventurer, the mayor’s daughter  a ferocious beast and rum. We thought of and wrote the story for the back of the bottle. This elixir is a tribute for all of us who like to take audacious paths.”

lovely-package-chic-choc-2 lovely-package-chic-choc-3 lovely-package-chic-choc-4 lovely-package-chic-choc-5 lovely-package-chic-choc-6

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Counter Culture Coffee


Designed by Counter Culture Coffee | Country: United States | Pair with: Land by Land

“Counter Culture Coffee is pleased to unveil a new look for its products, with bold, colorful designs and biodegradable packaging—along with new product names for four of its six year-round coffees. Debuting on Friday, October 3rd, the update reflects the company’s continual evolution as an innovative coffee roaster—a leader within the specialty coffee industry for nearly two decades—and serves as the centerpiece of an overall aesthetic up-fit for Counter Culture that brings greater cohesion to the various facets of their business.”

lovely-package-counter-culture-coffee-2 lovely-package-counter-culture-coffee-3

“Conceived and developed by Counter Culture’s in-house design team, with work beginning in earnest in February 2014, the rebrand progressed at an accelerated pace. Each year-round product will have its own design variation for 12-ounce packaging, and all single-origin coffees—representing dozens of countries and farms—will go into a single bag design with differentiated labeling unique to each origin. Each vibrant, eye-catching color used is representative of a year-round product or single origin coffee, allowing buyers to easily distinguish the varieties, and each product has a unique texture and icon that is representative of that coffee. Additionally, the roast date appears in a more prominent location on all bags, further underlining Counter Culture’s commitment to quality and transparency.”

lovely-package-counter-culture-coffee-4 lovely-package-counter-culture-coffee-5 lovely-package-counter-culture-coffee-6

“All 12-ounce whole-bean bags will be made of Biotre film, a material created by Pacific Bag Inc. at the forefront of sustainable, biodegradable packaging initiatives. Up to 60 percent of the material comes from renewable resources—shown to break down in well-managed compost environments in approximately 90 days—with the remaining materials breaking down in five to 10 years in a landfill.”

lovely-package-counter-culture-coffee-8 lovely-package-counter-culture-coffee-7 lovely-package-counter-culture-coffee-9

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Full Steam Brewery


Designed by Helms Workshop | Country: United States | Pairs with: Daniel Wellington

“We began work with Fullsteam founder Sean Wilson in 2008, helping to articulate his vision for a brewery built around the contrast between industry and agriculture. Those two worlds, along with a grain silo worth of passion and creativity, are reflected in parallel beer lines. American Progress reflects a more traditional, industrial approach to classic beer styles while the brewery’s Plow-to-Pint offerings incorporate North Carolina agricultural staples like persimmons, grits and sweet potatoes.

Sweden’s Kurt Lightner worked with us to craft intricate, textural illustrations that provide a striking contrast to the iconic typography. 

Currently on tap across the state and available in growlers, Fullsteam plans to launch retail packaging in 2014. Visit to learn more about the brewery, and for a chance to be immortalized on their famed “Wall of Awesome.”

lovely-package-full-steam-brewery-2 lovely-package-full-steam-brewery-3

Lovely Package

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Celler Cairats


Designed by Dorian | Country: Spain | Pair with: Persol

“Celler Cairats is a young catalan winery that started in 2010. Their vineyards are located in Darmós y Els Guiamets, two villages in the region of Priorat that treasure centuries of tradition in vine growing. The image created for their two wines has focused on highlighting the young nature of the winery, representing the rural environment that surrounds the winery and vineyards in very fresh and attractive way.”

lovely-package-cairats-2 lovely-package-cairats-3 lovely-package-cairats-4 lovely-package-cairats-5 lovely-package-cairats-6 lovely-package-cairats-7

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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