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Student Work – Marcel Messner


Designed by Marcel Messner | Country: Germany | Pair with: Converse

“Honest, authentic, strong – that’s KOLBEN, a real beer for real men. It’s the perfect refreshment after you spent a whole day in the forest chopping wood for your fireplace.

In this student project of the masters-program Packaging, Design & Marketing at Stuttgart Media University in Germany the task was to create a unique beverage brand including marketing, packaging and graphic design. From the earliest concepts to the production of the bottles and secondary packaging, we produced everything in-house at the University.”


“KOLBEN Wurzelbräu is a brand targeting men between 25 and 60 years. It sets itself apart from the competition by being very down to earth – it’s a beer and nothing else, without designer editions or mixed beer variations. It’s the perfect drink after a long day, at a barbeque in your backyard or for watching a game with your buddies.”

lovely-package-marcel-messner-3 lovely-package-marcel-messner-4

“The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of the first beer cans made in the 1930s. It has a massive diameter and is meant to be held by big manly hands. As an extra feature the bottles can be stacked for storage. Additionally the bottom of each bottle can be used to open the crown cap of another bottle. In that way the bottle is kind of a tool itself that should feel familiar to hard-working men.”

lovely-package-marcel-messner-5 lovely-package-marcel-messner-6 lovely-package-marcel-messner-7

“The graphic design sticks to the brand values visualized by the strong hand wielding the forge hammer – as seen in the logo. The color palette consists of only black and white and the typography is strong and bold in order to further emphasize the plain, gritty and simple in-your-face approach.

KOLBEN Wurzelbräu is sold as single bottles, sixpacks and in sustainable crates made of corrugated cardboard. The beer is distributed in supermarkets but also in gas stations and hardware stores.”

lovely-package-marcel-messner-8 lovely-package-marcel-messner-9

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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450 North Brewing Company


Designed by CODO Design | Country: United States | Pair with: Miansai

“We first met Dave and his sons back in 2012 when we helped to brand 450 North Brewing Co. That first project was foundational, ending with a visual identity system.

Earlier this year, we were excited when Dave called to have us design packaging for their 4 house beers; Scarecrow IPA, Copperhead Amber, Ironman English Ale, and Honey Kölsch. We got to dig back into the same Indiana farm aesthetics we explored initially and developed a fun package design system that they can grow into as they continue adding seasonals and specialty beers.”

lovely-package-540-north-brewing-company-2 lovely-package-540-north-brewing-company-3 lovely-package-540-north-brewing-company-4 lovely-package-540-north-brewing-company-5 lovely-package-540-north-brewing-company-6 lovely-package-540-north-brewing-company-7 lovely-package-540-north-brewing-company-8 lovely-package-540-north-brewing-company-9

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Just Laid


Designed by Springetts Brand Design Consultants | Country: united Kingdom

“Brief: We were asked to develop concepts that explored hypothetical positionings for how eggs could better satisfy or respond to consumer needs.  One of the many thoughts we had was how this commodity category could respond better to concerns related to CSR issues such as food miles and related freshness.  We were intrigued by the notion that, while early adopters of CSR issues find it easy to support a cause, it is harder to convert mass-market consumers unless there is something in it for them – such as supporting locally laid eggs.

Solution: Our solution was to emphasise the benefit of locally laid eggs to consumers through a cheeky brand name that reinforces the idea of freshly laid eggs straight from the hen.  The creative execution is a selection of playful caricatures of hens laying eggs with three different poses/expressions for each of the three variants.”



“The Just Laid concept uses standard egg box packaging in a unique way that allows the consumers to interact with the pack and design. To further highlight the freshly laid concept, the fastening on the box becomes a representation of the egg itself, allowing consumers to connect with the natural process of the eggs ‘being laid’!

This concept has won a gold Pentaward and also a special HAHAHA Lars Wallentin award for the most fun package across all categories, in this years Pentawards 2014 competition.”

lovely-package-just-laid-4 lovely-package-just-laid-5

Lovely Package

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Designed by Wunderbar | Country: Russia | Pair with: Deus Ex Machina

“We created a condom brand BANG and a package design for it. Our challenge was to create the true men’s condoms. We wanted men to feel like real warriors when they buy them. Condoms are their bullets, packages are their clips and sex is their battlefield.”

lovely-package-bang-condoms-3lovely-package-bang-condoms-2 lovely-package-bang-condoms-4 lovely-package-bang-condoms-5 lovely-package-bang-condoms-6 lovely-package-bang-condoms-7

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Gaea Fruit Bars


Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece

“The riefing (in brief): We would like to renew packaging for our fruit bars in order to claim a better position in the market.
The target consumer: Modern consumers in the international market. Mostly young to adults, busy and health conscious people.
The design: We studied the relevant market carefully and discovered that fruit bar packaging is dominated by the same aesthetic: small surfaces busy with information, colors and naturalistic details to the end that the product look misses the point of the very simplicity and practicality that lies in the product’s making. Our client, Gaea, has a reputation for natural practices and the use of pure ingredients. We decided to place all focus on relating this fact to the consumers in a strikingly minimal way. For both the individual and multiple bar packages we cleared the front and laid a crispy white surface. Each fruit taste (peach, fig, apple) is conveyed by a domineering close up of the fruit (on the bar) and its full shape (on the box). The fruit image has a distinctly sharp character and the effect of a 3D experience.”


Lovely Package

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Designed by AplusM | Country: Sweden | Pair with: Mr. Kim

“INSHAPE is a professional hair care label that infuses the very best ingredients that the Nordic nature has to offer. The brief was to create a visual identity for INSHAPE and a packaging design concept for the product series: INCURL, INFORM, INREPAIR and INVOLUME. The main elements of the identity are letterforms created from simple shapes. The idea is to help the customer easily identify the product suited to their individual need. The overall impression is confident, clean and timeless.”

lovely-package-inshape-4 lovely-package-inshape-2 lovely-package-inshape-3 lovely-package-inshape-5

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Fernie Brewing Co.


Designed by Also Known As | Country: Canada | Pair with: Rag & Bone

“The client and project overview: Fernie Brewing Co. is an award winning craft brewery located in the heart of the Kootenays. If you have every been to Fernie, you know the place is awe inspiring – and so is the team at Fernie and the great craft beer they make. They came to us with a big challenge: Re-invent our full line up of craft beer packaging but still keep the essence of the brand in tact. So, AKA made the trek up to Fernie to kick things off with our new client, drink some delicious beer and get down to work.”



“The design and creative solution: We started the process by analyzing the craft beer market across Western Canada to understand emerging trends and competition in this uber competitive and growing market. We learned that due to the complexity of the market, ‘simplicity’ was key to stand out from the crowd and we needed to leverage the existing brand equity in customer favourites like ‘What the Huck’ and ‘Lone Wolf’.”






“Our strategy focussed on bold use of colour blocking paired with custom charcoal illustrations, each featuring the unique aspects of Fernie life. With playful beer names and a modern design approach, we were able to capture both the authentic character of the brewery as well as recognize Fernie’s serious approach to making award wining beer. The end result was a revamped full line up of craft beers in bottles, cans and sampler packs, each with it’s own personality representing the best of what Fernie has to offer.”


lovely-package-fernie-brewing-co-10 lovely-package-fernie-brewing-co-11

Lovely Package

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Levi’s Basics


Designed by Mad Projects | Country: Unites States | Pair with: Levi’s Made & Crafted

“To launch Levi’s Basics, the brand’s new line of men’s socks, t-shirts and underwear, Mad Projects (the licensee behind the brand) knew they had to think outside of the traditional 3-pack of briefs. With a product that stands out for its traditional denim elements, they wanted a package that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Each package of the 3 Series line is designed to be a keepsake, a memento and used for more than just holding boxers on store shelves.

The 200 series box is designed as a working match strike.

The 300 series is a resealable Tyvek bag, perfect for keeping coffee grounds fresh.

And the 400 series is made of authentic wood paneling.”

lovely-package-levis-basics-2 lovely-package-levis-basics-3 lovely-package-levis-basics-4 lovely-package-levis-basics-5 lovely-package-levis-basics-6 lovely-package-levis-basics-7 lovely-package-levis-basics-8

Lovely Package

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Bauhaus Brew Labs


Designed by Helms Workshop | Country: United States | Pairs with: Sperry Top-Sider

“Bauhaus Brew Labs channels its namesake’s spirit of creativity, experimentation and playfulness in crafting a flavorful, imaginative and unique craft beer experience for its customers. Our approach was to follow their example in creating the brewery’s identity, with an eye on differentiating the brand in the marketplace and creating a disruptive presence on the retail shelf. The bright, primary brand palette is unconventional for the craft beverage shelf, and the quirky beer names were created by translating more traditional naming into German, and then back to English.”

lovely-package-bauhaus-brew-labs-2 lovely-package-bauhaus-brew-labs-3 lovely-package-bauhaus-brew-labs-4

lovely package bauhaus brew labs 5 copy

- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Jammy Yummy


Designed by Hey | Country: Spain | Pairs with: Oliver Peoples

“A new company based in Miami. Their hand-made range of savoury vegetable jams​​ is fun food and snacks made for sharing.

The labels are a set of random die-cut perforations where the holes suggest the constant nibbling that the food provokes.”


- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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