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Designed by Cornershop | Country: Australia

“Moolanda is an Aboriginal word meaning “on the far side.” The Moolanda vineyards are located on the far side of Barossa Valley. Aboriginal tribes roamed the valley for thousands of years and understood its unique qualities. Several rock art sites found in the region contain ancient drawings created using red, yellow and white ochre; rocks which can be found on Moolanda vineyards this very day. The way the soil interacts with these rocks affects how the vines grow. They are an invaluable part of the grape growing process for Moolanda.”

“The Moolanda branding and packaging is inspired by the terroir (land) and the vineyards Aboriginal connection. The illustration or graphic features dots that represent shallow layers of soil over layers of rocks; unique attributes of the Moolanda vineyards. The label is printed on uncoated paper in earthy tones with details finished in a high build gloss varnish to add value. Each product in the range sells for approximately A$ 30 rrp.”


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East Dane Giveaway

The great folks at East Dane are giving away four $ 50 gift cards to visitors of Lovely Package. East Dane is a thoughtful, straightforward approach to men’s fashion. Serving up heritage brands and new names to men who are more interested in style than trends—who understand that dressing well comes from a combination of confidence and quality construction.

East Dane carries a wide range of popular and hard to find brands which cover everything from men’s sneakers to Japanese selvedge raw denim. They also have a wide range sale items with 50% Off men’s styles.

So how do you score one of these $ 50 gift cards? Easy. Just head over to East Dane and pick a favourite item, or what you’ll put the $ 50 gift card towards if you win and then tell us in the comments of this post. Simple. We’ll pick a winner from the comments next Friday.

Good luck!

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Designed by Squad Ink | Country: Australia

“Paul Bassett, former World Barista Champion, is the visionary behind Bassett Espresso. From the moment Paul presented us with the challenge to reinvigorate his existing coffee brand, we recognised what was to be a truly rewarding collaboration.

Bassett Espresso is a reflection of Paul’s personal taste. It portrays his journey of creative expression and the continuation of his relationship with coffee, capturing the imagination and potential of quality espresso.”


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Tru Bru

Designed by Epic | Country: Australia

“Tru Bru, meaning ‘true flavour, brewery fresh’, is a high-tech system of take-home craft beer. With the bottles the primary vehicle and a great opportunity for customer interaction, a clear and engaging brand was developed around the uniquely branded glassware.

Three characters were developed for the three bottle sizes: Boris the bear (the ‘growler’), Fitzherbert Sinclair (the ‘squealer’) and Coco Voltaire (the ‘whistler’). Fables were written to profile each character and personality, whilst driving engagement to a wider audience. Naming, identity, store fit-out, collateral, apparel and proprietary drinking glasses completed the project.”

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Le Parcel

Designed by Seven Fifty Five | Country: United States

“The 2015 Le Parcel packaging system is the 3rd round of packaging systems Seven Fifty Five has created for Le Parcel. Each iteration serving a new purpose; a response to challenges faced by the company’s subscription business model.

The challenges to address with this edition of Le Parcel’s packaging was first, weight. To accommodate this need the framework of the box had to be completely redesigned, including the use of a lighter-weight cardboard box. Graphics, including the bold pink interior, are silk screened rather than printed on a paper label – a typical graphic application.”

“The second issue to address in this round of packaging was organization within the box. The heat sealed bag brings both order to the box, but also an element of cleanliness. The bag is also easy to stash on the go, or under the counter, and has a resealable zipper lock.”

“Le Parcel has always been adamant that their boxes should feel like opening a much-anticipated gift. The bright pink interior and bag as well as the messaging act as an instigator of celebration. The Le Parcel experience is to make periods more enjoyable, the box plays a part in that process reminding subscribers that as Le Parcel – “We are here for you”.


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Designed by Epic | Country: Australia

“An established brand rich in heritage, Cedel the iconic Australian bathroom company developed a new range of scented hairsprays to connect with younger consumers.

This fresh update to Cedel’s product line transforms moods and perceptions. Amplified by a fun and inspiring contemporary look which is aimed squarely at young, fashion-savvy consumers. Bright, eye-catching packaging with a unique design for each fragrance inspires a sense of occasion and stands proud and confident amongst the orthodox competition on the shelf.”


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Tanqueray Old Tom

Designed by Sedley Place | Country: United Kingdom

“Diageo is introducing a limited edition of its Tanqueray Old Tom gin with a revitalised label and pack designed by Sedley Place. The creative concept sees the reintroduction of Old Tom gin as a 1litre clear bottle for the bar trade, with a limited run of 100,000 bottles available for purchase. The Old Tom limited edition follows Diageo’s successful reintroduction of Tanqueray Malacca gin in 2013″


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Designed by One Design | Country: New Zealand | Illustration: Henrietta Harris

“Overview: Bennetto Natural Foods Company launched its flagship product this year ‘Bennetto Drinking Chocolate’. It is positioned within its market as a luxury confectionery brand, with cacao sourced from a certified Fairtrade cooperative in Peru. 

The two key demographics are business to business and direct to consumer. Within the business to business sector the primary categories targeted are large luxury hotels and international airlines. For our direct to consumer market (via local cafés) is skewed towards health conscious women who enjoy current health food trends and have an adventurous and sophisticated palate. 

In response the product needs to deliver packaging that looks intriguing, imaginative and luxurious while showing quirky, ethical and traditional characteristics.”

“Barriers to overcome: The product needed to deliver many sentiments within a very small space. Also the key message that the chocolate bar is for ‘drinking’ needed to be clear as this is what sets the product apart from its artisan chocolate bar counterparts.

The idea: Our idea hinges off the cacao origins and we therefore based our design on two exotic Peruvian bird watercolour illustrations, dressed in tea-time attire about to enjoy a warm luxurious cup of hot chocolate, surrounded by a dreamscape of floating cacao leaves, beans and the all important cup of hot chocolate.

Design solution: Our strategy was to create a point of difference while positioning Bennetto in the contemporary and sophisticated quadrant. Our thought was to deliver an endearing illustration of an off-beat yet cordial moment between two very prim and proper exotic Peruvian birds. This level of narrative for such a small package was fresh and exciting territory for this category.

The modern illustrated birds have just the right balance of quirk and sophistication that makes the product feel adventurous and imaginative.

The luxe of the gold foiling elevates the product into a high-end realm allowing it to sit comfortably above its contemporaries while subtly maintaining some of chocolates more traditional qualities.

The muted vivid neutrals of the palette give the packaging its quiet confidence that allows it to fly is own flag within the packaging category.”

“Early achievement: Bennetto Natural Foods Company launched its flagship product at the 2014 NZ Fine Food Show and won ‘Best New Retail Product’ on the back of 2 months of rapidly increasing sales.”


Lovely Package

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Steel & Oak

Designed by Also Known As | Country: Canada

“Project overview: Steel and Oak Brewing Co symbolizes the modernness of today while paying homage to the craftsmanship of years long past. A bright young voice in New Westminster’s storied past, Steel and Oak is bringing a refreshed perspective and vibrant energy to the craft beer scene.

Supportive, open minded and encouraging clients like this remind us why we opened our doors in the first place. Champions of the process, Steel & Oak embraced the opportunity to get involved and realize their visions through our creative lens. The perspective and insights we gained through working closely and personably with the client helped us create design solutions that resonated early and easily.”

“Design and creative solution: Our design approach was to create a bold, modern look for Steel & Oak’s lineup of bottles and growlers, by designing a cohesive system that stretches across a variety of products creates unshakable consistency and pays dividends towards creating a recognizable brand. The iconic S&O monogram arrangement was created to act as a associative trigger and secondary logo; an easier and more digestible way to infer the full brand.

Current trends and the existing visual landscape heavily influenced our design direction, but we also wanted to consider how and where the products would live, from the tasting room display all the way through to the customers fridge. We feel as though the design netted out in a place that reflected the ethos of the Steel & Oak brand, every step of the way.”


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Nike FC Barcelona

Designed by Oxigen_ | Country: Spain

“The packaging must transmit the elegance and values of the Club. Its shape makes the costumer experience the box from the first sight. We wanted people to fell in love with the pack, which contains emotions and the sensation of upcoming victories.

The main point was to experience the pre-match sensation, while opening the box and unleash the power of such a good product. This pack is part of the jersey, and it has been crafted to win.”


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