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Gum On


Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece

“The briefing (in brief): We are looking for a fun packaging to introduce our gummy jellies.

The target consumer: Children, teenagers and even adults with a sweet tooth. 

The design: The product’s name served as an inspirational starting point: we opted for a strong and funky illustration which would reference the “GUM ON” word play and also allude to the chewy, gummy texture of the jellies. Our specialized designer devised a new ‘character’ who covers most of the package in a way calculated to work very well on the shelves and is color-transformed according to taste specifics (fruits, cola etc.). The front and back of each package allows for funny combinations of pop bright faces with its neighboring package, big cartoon lips snatch the jellies from the transparent part of the container and the whole lot speaks of a sweet, happy and colorful experience.”

lovely-package-gum-on-2 lovely-package-gum-on-3 lovely-package-gum-on-4

Lovely Package

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Foods Cross


Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece

“The briefing (in brief): “We would like to enter the market with our top quality product. We need brand identity design and packaging applications.” 

The target consumer: Greek and foreign markets. Sophisticated consumers who look for quality products. 

The design: The market for honey is a rising one and as such already filled with a variety of packaging designs. We needed to realize a brand identity able to convey this product’s specific advantage: it’s pure synthesis. This is Greek honey distinguished for its extremely high concentration of thyme pollen grains (80%). A rare, natural product of an eco-conscious process, meant to be offered in numbered and signed vases. We developed the logo design as a careful pairing of cross-shaped lettering (brand name) and the image of a bee, designed for us by the internationally known illustrator Si Scott. The elongated glass vessel we chose is covered on its upper part and toped by the brand identity elements and relevant information, in a way that allows the synthesis specifics and the collector’s data (number) to be clearly visible even when the top is removed. Black, white and red dominate the packaging design in an alternative reference to a pharmaceutical/cosmetics language.”

lovely-package-foods-cross-2 lovely-package-foods-cross-3 lovely-package-foods-cross-4 lovely-package-foods-cross-5 lovely-package-foods-cross-6

Lovely Package

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True Organic Juice


Designed by McLean Design | Country: United States

“Grimmway Farms, the world’s largest carrot grower from California’s lush Central Valley, wanted to place an honest-to-goodness, fresh-fruit-and-veggies line of beverages into the fast-growing premium refrigerated juice category, and recruited McLean Design to help create a new brand that captures the essence of their family farm growers.”


“McLean Design took a good look at the category and determined there was ample room for a homegrown, farm-to-table entry to compete directly with proven heavyweights Odwalla and Naked and celebrated upstarts like Evolution. Named True Organic, the new line captures the small town nature of a family-run farm stand, with the farmer as hero of his own tale, bringing goodness straight from the earth to your local grocer. True to its name (pun intended), minimal labeling that reveals the juice proves the brand has nothing to hide — a stand-out among its shrink-wrap cloaked competitors.

Response to this one-and-only all-organic juice brand has been enthusiastic, with both local retailers and national chains growing their footprint daily. True Organic’s great flavors and honest ingredients have found enthusiasts among organic-only true believers and health-minded consumers alike. Look for it at your hometown grocers soon.”

Lovely Package

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Designed by VBAT | Country: The Netherlands | Pairs with: Maison Kitsune

“BRAND is brewer of the local premium Pilsener with the oldest active brewery of The Netherlands.VBAT developed a new identity and bottle to reposition BRAND Bier as the unpolished authentic Pilsener, brewed in the quaint location in the south of the Netherlands. The new identity should reflect the long standing heritage and original ideal of small brewing mentality.  The returnable bottle needed to fit within the current standard bottling lines and carrier formats.”


“The new design is a tribute to the BRAND brewery as the untainted authentic in quality and taste.

The unpolished identity and unique embossed bottle rekindle the past with distinguished modernity. Embracing the ideals of the past, the bold and uncluttered new identity breaks familiar codes and celebrates the love for the brewmaster’s craft of fine brewing.”


“The identity style goes to a hand crafted and illustrated piece that is completely integrated to tell the rich story of Pilsener from the house of BRAND. The simplified lockup is harmonized with quirkiness characteristic to the local town Wijlre, Limburg.  Inspired by the simplicity and honesty of this original Dutch Brewery and the original heritage bottles, the new bottle form with simple brewery embossing becomes a loyal tribute to the honesty of the brewmaster.”





“Finished with a neck label alone, the signature green of BRAND history is stamped with the new motif and signed off with the handwritten message from the brewmaster.”


“Each of the product variants in the range comes alive with an unique flair  through characteristic typography and illustration.  This is the main feature as a single colour crafted piece, stamped onto the product specific flat colour background.”


“Returning to simplicity and honesty has repositioned BRAND as the true authentic in an original unpolished craft.”


- occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Lovely Package

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Bib & Tucker


Designed by Studio 32 North | Country: United States | Pair with: Filson Lined Goatskin Gloves

“The bourbon: During America’s rough and tumble early days, the term “bib & tucker” was used to describe your finest attire, the kind you’d wear to a wedding or special dance. Along those same lines of thinking, we’re putting forth our finest. Produced by 35 Maple Street SpiritsBib & Tucker is a delightfully smooth bourbon sporting notes of chestnut, and it’s crafted with a sense of dedication that can only come when you know you’re making something truly special.

The approach: Taking cues from the name and the era in which the term was commonly used, Bib & Tucker takes the form of an enlarged amber flask, replete with a deeply embossed logo and scrolled embellishments. The ornate hand-lettering, dark brown hemp thread and circular bobbin label-like sticker are all meant to underscore the fanciness of the attire that Bib & Tucker refers to. The tagline aptly sums up the bourbon, “Why it’s a fine time to drink.”

Lovely Package

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Sugar Island Rum


Designed by Swig Studio | Country: United States | Pair with: A.P.C.

“In 1731, in accordance with the Regulations relating to His Majesty’s Service at Sea, British sailors were given a daily ration of rum. Coincidentally, mermaid sightings in the Caribbean rose significantly around this time. Sailors believed mermaids rescued shipwrecked sailors and brought them to Sugar Island. Many great ships have been lost at sea forever, chasing mermaids and looking for the mythical island. Swig created a brand identity and package that harks back to the colonial era while being perfectly relevant to today’s rum drinker.”

lovely-package-sugar-island-rum-2 lovely-package-sugar-island-rum-4 lovely-package-sugar-island-rum-3 lovely-package-sugar-island-rum-5 lovely-package-sugar-island-rum-6

Lovely Package

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Designed by Neolab by Knowit | Country: Norway | Pair with: Han Kjøbenhavn

“Single Origin vs mixed products: Friele has changed their product line strategy and as a part of this we cleaned up the Barista line. The old Barista line had both espresso and blends mixed in between the singles. By moving them out we made a stronger concept and a stronger and more logic product line by presenting single origin products only. 

The re-design mission: The old Barista had over time become a blurry mix of 8 different blends and grinds and roasts. 

The shelf impact was weak and the remote signals of each product could have been stronger. 

We missed a stop-signal from a distance. We missed the freshness signal whole beans represents. We missed the link to micro roasted products.

New packaging machines gave Friele new packages and possibilities for new design. The packaging structure was not unique but well fitted for large industrial production. It also gave space for a more graphic look.”


“We searched for a ‘between coffeshop/micro roast and retail’- expression. More freshly hand brewed and less retail coffee signals. Stronger remote signal, better navigation – since navigation in retail shelves has other demands than in the coffee shop shelf. Talking to a more demanding target group we went for a fresh, modern but delicate expression. A soft metallic blue gave us a distinction to the category. Circles in pastels made a stop effect and linked the products together even if they are separated (as they often are in the coffee shelf). All together a more graphic look with stronger impact and fresh contrasting color codes to separate country of origin. A set of patterns was designed for each of the origins.”


“A work was done on names and profiles – included new roasting profiles, cupping and new descriptions on each of the products. 

Beeing a fact- and knowledge based product we needed to simplify the language and make the names purely logic. Names = coffee mill and cooperatives. We used the micro roasters own coffee language. This is a true everyday single origin line at a nice price.

The design has moved from a dark, continental monochrome to a fresh, scandinavian look.

A scandinavian look for a scandinavian roast.”


Lovely Package

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Designed by The 6th Creative Studio | Country: Italy

“We created a series of labels for Mastro (Azienda agricola). The labels illustrate with info graphics all the descriptions that are commonly contained on the back of the packaging.

All the ingredients are 100% italian and organic. All the products are homemade: olive oil, tomato sauce, and blonde orange marmalade.”


Lovely Package

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Wishbone Coffee


Designed by Also Known As | Country: Canada

“The client and project overview: Earlier this year we gave ourselves a challenge: to re-imagine the traditional approach to packaging coffee and create something that we could share with our clients and friends – and so, Wishbone Brew was born. Conceptualized and created by the team at AKA and assembled together by hand, it’s been a long time in the making — but worth the wait in order to share & enjoy it with some of our favourite people.

The design and creative solution: Our main objective was to re-think traditional packaging methodology. Used as a tool to showcase our ability to think & work beyond convention, we determined from the out-set that drawing inspiration from uncommon sources was essential to the success of the project. Cue the Turpentine: An attractive shape, an airtight seal, something unexpected. This container delivered on all counts, but how to break from the unfriendly, industrial, and for all intensive purposes toxic associations we as consumers have made with that form?

A bright yet soft colour palette combined with elegant and approachable serif type helps soften the brand against the harshness of material. A quick sanding, prime, and dip in paint helps add some individuality among the products and re-enforces the handmade nature of the product, No two wishbones being exactly the same.”


lovely-package-wishbone-coffee-3 lovely-package-wishbone-coffee-4




Lovely Package

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A’ Packaging Design Awards & Competition – Call for Entries


The A’ Packaging Design Awards & Competition is a freestyle design competition open to both concept stage and realized works designed by professional and young designers, design companies and other businesses in the manufacturing industry worldwide. Submissions can be made to Furniture Design, Interiors, Electronic Devices, Architecture, Packaging, Graphic Design, Ready-Made, Jewelry Design, Interfaces, Web Sites, Transportation, Yacht Design and others. View a list of all design award categories and requirements.

Winners in the A’ Packaging Design Awards & Competition benefit beyond just the award by gaining exposure through the exhibition, yearbook, PR and publicity, world design rankings inclusion, feedback from the jury, winner’s manual. newsletter announcements and of course the gala evening. See the full list of benefits.

Entries to the A’ Packaging Design Awards & Competition are peer-reviewed and anonymously voted by an expert 50-person jury panel consisting of scholars, design professionals and media members following strict evaluation guidelines.

A’ Design Award winner projects will be exhibited in 3 countries in 2015. First, the award winners will be exhibited at Mood, Como, Italy, followed by the exhibition in Hometex – Amsterdam, Netherlands and finally a grand exhibition will take place at Dublin, Ireland to celebrate Dublin’s 2015 World Design Hub designation.

The deadline for submission is September 30, 2014, and results will be announced to the public on April 15, 2014 when the award winners’ exhibition starts. The winning work will also be showcased here on Lovely Package on April 15, 2015.

For further information please visit:

Register and Submit your work to A’ Packaging Design Award and Competition.

Check out some early 2015 winners after the jump.

Williamson Tea Elephant Caddies Packaging by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Insal’Arte Food packaging (Fresh Salad) by Mirco Luzzi

MealBox Food packaging by Musa Çelik / Tasarist

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Lovely Package

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